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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Schuldbelijdenis: Een Sacrement, Dat Heelt

This is a Dutch translation of a booklet I wrote several years ago for Conciliar Press. Door: Jim Forest Vertaald door Enja. M.J.S. Katsoulis-Jansen Een jonge monnik zei tegen de grote Abba Sisoes: “ Vader wat moet ik doen? Ik ben gevallen.” De oudere zei: “ Sta op!” “Ik ben opgestaan, en toen ben in […]

Becoming the Gospel: Remembering Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh

This is an unpublished text that was written for the Sourozh Diocesan Conference of 2004, less than a year after the death of Metropolitan Anthony. In the end, instead I presented a paper that focused on five newly canonized saints, including Mother Maria Skobtsova of Paris. See: Still, as I read the draft text […]