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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Practical questions…

How much does it cost? I try to clear $1200 a day ($2500 for weekends) plus travel costs. Some hosts can manage more; sometimes I agree on less. While my default setting is yes, keep in mind the biblical injunction: “The laborer is worthy of his hire.” Also bear in mind that it isn’t just […]

Getting From There to Here

by Jim Forest My parents were people radically out of step with the America of the cold-war fifties. In those days they both belonged to the Communist Party. This made me a “red-diaper baby.” Yet religious inspiration played a major part in the lives of my parents as long as I can remember. An orphan […]

Jim Forest: an alphabet of his own design

Jim Forest’s activity as a writer began in New Jersey at age five, in 1946, when he produced a handwritten family newspaper using an alphabet of his own design. It was an excellent publication whose only shortcoming was that no one could read it. A few years after achieving literacy, he was often found hanging […]

Speaking topics of Jim Forest

These paragraphs are suggestive. Feel free to propose alternative titles or to suggest other themes. There are different ways of presenting each theme or to connect one with another, depending on the needs and experience of the audience and the time available — an hour, an evening, a day-long seminar, or a weekend retreat. Dorothy […]