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Monthly Archives: March 2011

St Nicholas Halts an Execution

Saint Nicholas wrote no books nor have any of his sermons or letters survived, but few saints have been the object of such universal affection. He is the patron of prisoners, seafarers and orphans. Born in Asia Minor about 280, he was the only child of wealthy parents who arranged for their son to receive […]

My journey to the Orthodox Church: an interview with Jim Forest

An interview with Jim Forest made in mid-October 2007 by Elena Nazarova for Nikolaas in de Jordaan, the quarterly journal of St. Nicholas of Myra Russian Orthodox Church, located in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam. For more about the parish, see its web site: EN: Dear Jim, we know you for a long time […]

A round-about journey to the Orthodox Church: an interview with Fr. Alexis Voogd

Interview made by Jim Forest at the Voogd apartment in Amsterdam on the fifth of April, 1990.   [starting the tape recorder] This looks serious! But will my English make sense? I admire your gift for languages. Oh, Jim! There are blank spots in my English and they are getting more and more. Can you […]