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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Beauty in Overlooked Places and Faces

The Catholic Worker (New York) / June-July 2011 All is Grace: a Biography of Dorothy Day by Jim Forest Orbis Books, 344 pages, 2011 review by Amanda Daloisio Upon opening All is Grace, the new edition of the biography of Dorothy Day by Jim Forest, one is struck first by the sheer number of photographs. […]

The Real Saint George

by Jim Forest True stories become streamlined into legends and legends become compressed into myths. The real Saint George never saw a dragon nor did he rescue a princess in distress. We are not even sure he had a horse or possessed a lance or sword. It is even possible he was a farmer. The […]

The Gospel According to John Wayne

[a work in progress — text as of August 2013] by Jim Forest One of the unique aspects of being human is the role stories play in our lives and have played as far back as the human story is told. Stories inspire, enlighten, connect, delight, warn, admonish and surprise. We need them with an […]