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Monthly Archives: September 2011

US Lecture Trip Calendar – October 2011

Thursday, October 13: fly from Amsterdam to Pittsburgh via Newark Continental flight 071 13 AMS-EWR dep 0915 arr 1140 transfer to Continental flight 4904 13 EWR-PIT dep 1316 arr 1449 October 14-15: Pittsburgh For information re the days in Pittsburgh: Contacts: Molly Rush: 412.398.2163 or Carol Gonzalez: Teacher41 /at / Friday 14 October: […]

Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears

by Jim Forest Part of my work from 1977 to 1988, the years I was General Secretary of the the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, was to go on annual speaking trips in the US. In 1982, one of my stops was in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I had a lecture to give at the Harvard Divinity […]

The Gift Of Merton

This is the first piece I wrote Merton. It was done on the 11th of December 1968, the day after his death and published in Commonweal in the issue dated 10 January 1969. By James H. Forest “Please say he changed people’s lives. That’s why he was important. No one changed my life more than […]

Children of Ishmael: an interview with Fr Elias Chacour

[This interview was done in Galilee in June 1980 and published in the October 1980 issue of Sojourners magazine] You won’t find it on the map of Israel unless the map is a remarkably good one, but if you draw a line between Haifa and the western bulge of the sea of Galilee, Ibillin is […]

One Face in the Human Wall: Civil Resistance in Moscow

by Jim Forest I met Misha Slonin, a scientist active in the Christian segment of Russia’s democratic movement, just ten days after the collapse of the coup in Moscow. He had been one of the people in the “human wall” around the Belodoma — the White House — the sleek marble building on the Moskva […]

Three days in August: the Coup the Failed

by Jim Forest On August 19, 1991, two months after Boris Yeltsin’s election as president of Russia, a junta led by KGB chief Vladimir Kryuchkov made a nearly-successful effort to suppress the democratic movement that had emerged during the Gorbachev years. The junta announced formation of a “State Emergency Committee” that was “taking supreme power.” […]

The Friendship of Thomas Merton and Rowan Williams

preface to A Silent Action: Engagements with Thomas Merton by Rowan Williams (Louisville: Fons Vitae, 2011) It is a pity Thomas Merton and Rowan Williams never met. What a friendship it would have been. Their age difference was the obstacle — Rowan was only eighteen when Merton died. Yet there is another sense in which […]

Breathing in the Dead: a visit to the US a month after 9-11

by Jim Forest In the early evening, a month and a day after the twin towers of the World Trade Center suddenly became dust and rubble, I gazed down through the window of a small commuter jet slowly descending into Newark Airport, watching Manhattan unfurl north to south. At the island’s upper end, rising steeply […]

For the Peace from Above: An Orthodox Resource Book on War, Peace and Nationalism

edited by Fr. Hildo Bos and Jim Forest For the Peace from Above brings together a substantial collection of primary texts on war, peace and nationalism drawn from the Old and New Testaments, Church Councils, the Church Fathers, various saints and many other sources, ancient and modern. * * * Since the early days of […]