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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Learning to Love Our Enemies

By Jim Forest Every now and then my wife and I go on pilgrimage to the island of Iona. It’s so small and remote a place that one needs a detailed map of Scotland to find it — a comma of rock just off the southwest tip of Mull in the Inner Hebrides. It’s possible […]

A brief comment on Seraphim Rose’s “Letter to Thomas Merton”

I’ve just re-read Fr Seraphm Rose’s “Letter to Thomas Merton,” written in 1962 but apparently never actually sent to Merton. Sometime after Rose’s death in 1982, the text was discovered and published as a booklet and eventually posted to the web where it remains available: Rose’s letter is regarded by some as a strong […]

Sister Mary Evelyn Jegen: On Benevolent Glancing

This is an extract from an interview I did with Sister Mary Evelyn Jegen, SND, sometime in the mid-80s and published (not sure of the date) in “Reconciliation International,” the journal of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation. Mary Evelyn died on July 4, 2014. An obituary is attached.– Jim Forest A news item about Pope […]

Loving Our Enemies: Reflections on the Hardest Commandment

  Few passages in the Gospel are more familiar yet more ignored than this one: “You have heard that it was said you shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy, but I say to you love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be children of your Father […]

Where Love is Never Treason

[This is the first chapter of Loving Our Enemies: Reflections on the Hardest Commandment by Jim Forest. The publisher is Orbis.] One day Jesus asked the question, “Do people gather figs from thistles?” The answer is of course no — you harvest what you plant. Plant thistles and thistles take root and thistles they become. […]