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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Thomas Merton and the Catholic Worker: Ten Years After

By Jim Forest [published in the December 1978 issue of The Catholic Worker] The Catholic Worker, if not exactly respectable today, was even less so two decades ago, when Thomas Merton’s correspondence with Dorothy Day was beginning. It was before Popes John XXIII and Paul VI and the Second Vatican Council, when few Catholics had […]

Remembering Jean Forest

[the three eulogies given at the memorial service 17 January 2015 follow, plus an obituary] By Jim Forest I met Jean at the Catholic Worker in the spring of 1961. I had no premonition at the time that I was meeting someone I would marry the following year and who was to be the mother […]

Christianity and the Challenge of Peacemaking

Introduction to a forthcoming anthology of Christian texts of war and peace to be published by Bose monastery in Italy By Jim Forest The story of the first murder — the prototype of all war — is told in the Book of Genesis. It concerns Cain, the first-born child of Adam and Eve, attacking and […]