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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Dan Berrigan: The Risen Tin Can

Since Dan’s death two months ago I have been haunted by the memory of his reading, soon after his release from Danbury prison, the following poem, “The Risen Tin Can.” I just tried to read it aloud to Nancy but — Dan’s voice so fresh and clear! — tears got in the way. So Nancy […]

The Root of War is Fear: Thomas Merton’s Advice to Peacemakers

Thomas Merton is one of the most influential religious figures of modern times, yet many readers remain unaware of his deep preoccupation with the theme of peace — a subject that runs throughout his life, from his early stance as a conscientious objector to his prophetic writings on nuclear war and nonviolence. Drawing in large […]

Discovering Wormwood

[introduction for the Romanian edition of The Wormwood File: E-Mail from Hell] A few years ago I was thinking of sending a copy of C.S. Lewis’s book, The Screwtape Letters, to a dear friend who lives in a culture in which Christianity is the opposite of trendy. The Screwtape Letters is a classic that has […]

Witnessing a Resurrection: extracts from Religion in the New Russia

[For a long time I have had in mind to put on our web site those parts of an out-of-print book I wrote in 1988-89, Religion in the New Russia, that have to do with the Russian Orthodox Church at the time of the millennium events — the thousand-year anniversary of the foundation of Christianity […]

Nonviolent Protest in Belgrade

February 5, 1997 / for Sojourners by Jim Forest The rivers of protesters flowing in the streets of Belgrade were as much a surprise to the world at large as they were to Slobodan Milosevic. Nonviolent Serbians? No less unexpected was the support the government’s opponents received from an institution many regarded as lost in […]

Tell the truth, don’t be afraid

for Sunday 12 June 2016 / John 17:1-13 at St Silouan the Athonite Church in Toronto In today’s Gospel we hear Jesus praying to the Father for his disciples, that is to say praying for us, for all baptized people and for all those making their way to the Church — once again that’s us, […]

A man born blind

by Jim Forest One of the events Saint John dwells on — it’s the whole of chapter nine in his Gospel — concerns a man blind from birth. A beggar, he is sitting on the Sabbath at his usual spot on a street in Jerusalem and becomes the object of a question put to Jesus […]

“Lord, that I might see”: Henri Nouwen’s Eye for Icons

(for the June 2016 Henri Nouwen conference in Toronto — due to illness I was unable to deliver it) By Jim Forest You know the story. A blind man named Bartimaeus encounters Jesus and makes an urgent appeal, “Lord, that I might see.” And Christ grants his wish. “Lord, that I might see.” So simple, […]